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I. Drug Discovery

“V-PHARMA strongly believes drug discovery is a team effort”

Antibiotic resistance has been a growing threat to human health for several years. Effectiveness of many antibacterial agents has declined worldwide, thus, limiting physicians' options to treat serious infections. The World Health Organization has stated that antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest healthcare challenges for the future. V-PHARMA would like to devote resources to work on a class of compounds to address this problem in a collaborative manner.

Partnership: V-PHARMA is open for collaboration to realize its business goals. This is a risk sharing approach where both the client and V-PHARMA put their own resources together to achieve the project goals. If successful, both parties share in the return on investment. IP is negotiated between the parties as part of the agreement. V-PHARMA is continuously looking for opportunities/collaborators to start any small molecule drug discovery effort including metabolic disorders.

 II. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

“Increasing the success of the assigned project is the key and the main goal of V-PHARMA”

This is one of the most viable arrangements in which approved resources are allocated to a project for a fixed period of time. All intellectual property rights or know-how derived from the project belong to the client upon signing the agreement.

The company's electronic notebook allows clients to keep track of the work that is taking place. In addition to the electronic notebook, meetings with the client are scheduled at least bi-weekly in order to review progress. V-PHARMA tries to understand the target product profile (TPP), reviews the literature and is able to contribute both technically and intellectually to the success of the drug discovery projects.

Benefits for contracting full time equivalents vs. contracting multiple one-off type projects include:

Dependable Capacity: Full time equivalents are committed full time to the sponsor. These contracts provide our clients with reliable laboratory capacity. On the other hand, in a one-off situation, timely project start-ups may be delayed.

Flexibility and Approachability: The dynamics of the drug discovery environment are such that goals change. As an example, chemical or biological data may favor a new lead. Thus, the scale-up synthesis of a target molecule may needs to be changed or suspended. This approach allows for projects to be altered quickly without the need to adjust a work order.

Project Implementation Acceleration: There is no time lapse for proposal writing and contract approval processes when there is a need to change the priorities or to initiate a new chemistry. 

 III. Medicinal Chemistry Services

“Uncovering the drug developmental issues is among the core principles of V-PHARMA’s services”

Medicinal Chemistry focuses on modifications of leads generated from natural compounds, high-throughput screening, and knowledge of validated therapeutic targets. Modern synthetic organic chemistry, including advanced purification, and spectroscopic technology is applied to finish the structure-activity relationship studies. 

We strive to design and synthesize novel molecules that maintain drug-like properties. These properties include the following:

· Structural Properties

· Physicochemical Properties

· Biochemical Properties

· Pharmacokinetics (PK) and toxicity

We can contribute to your medicinal chemistry projects in the different stages of drug discovery:

Hit-to-lead: Designated sets of small molecules or analogues can be synthesized for hit-to-lead identification programs. V-PHARMA can also help in identifying the lead by analyzing the competitors’ and pharmacological landscape (for validated targets) and initiate the fast follower program, if needed. We can also contribute to the opportunistic chemistry approach programs.

Lead optimization: Following a client driven approach we can prepare tailor-designed molecules to improve the potency and drug-like properties of the most promising compounds. We can integrate all currently available medicinal chemistry principles to make high quality molecules- a top priority thereby shortening the time required to select the right pre-clinical candidate.

Broadening of Libraries' Chemical Diversity: We can synthesize non-commercially available screening compounds; thus increasing the commercial diversity and exclusivity of your chemical library. We can make every effort to identify the privileged scaffolds/drug-like chemo types with known/unknown pharmacophores.

Intellectual Property Protection: We can help gain wider and stronger IP protection when submitting a patent application by expanding the chemical diversity of the exemplified compounds. V-PHARMA can work with patent attorneys while filing the patent applications.

Route Scouting: Evaluations of the client's proposal and design of new routes of synthesis (ROS) can take part as well. This exercise is always done with a scale-up and industrialization mindset. We optimize the synthetic scheme of the desired pre-candidate or clinical candidate molecule. This will allow us to make several hundred grams to kilo quantities in a non-GMP manner. This may serve as a starting point to further optimize and/or make bulk quantities of the potential drug substance during a later stage of the drug development.

 IV. Fee-for-Service

“Delivering the projects on time is among the highest priorities of V-PHARMA’s business”

Single Compound (One-offs) projects are tender at an assured fixed price for labor. The raw materials are either included in the fixed price or back-charged at cost. One-off projects typically involve large quantities of material (generally 50g to Kilograms).

Respectable relationships are absolutely essential to the success of all outsourcing enterprises. We typically undertake one-off projects initially where V-PHARMA assumes the risk during the crucial getting acquainted period. If mutually agreed to, shared risk can then be considered. This may involve to FTEs. We can also strive to maximize value for clients through our operations. For example, FTE projects have the support of a full service kilo lab through V-PHARMA’s strategic partners to make unavailable raw materials. This allows the  considerable budget flexibility and value ensure that projects will not be delayed.

 V. Chemical Library Design and Synthesis

“Creativity and the quality of the library is at the core of V-PHARMA’s business”

The library design and synthesis service is dedicated and devoted to the examination, production, and design of a wide range of small organic molecule libraries for pharmaceutical, companies, research groups, and biotechnology companies. The library is created both by the customers’ demands and our company’s knowledge, capabilities, and molecular modeling skills. The compounds can also be purified based on the customer’s requirements and V-PHARMA can randomly synthesize part of a library in advance. We work with our clients and other computational chemists to supply the specific targeted groups.

 VI. Advanced Heterocycles and Important Compounds

“Designing synthetically challenged structures and making them available
to the research community are important for V-PHARMA’s business”

The advances in understanding the molecular basis of diseases has facilitated in increasing the design and development of new drug candidates. This also helped in identifying a number of novel therapeutic targets. Improving chemo type diversity is critical to biological activity and potential of the compound to be developed as a drug. The presence of strategically placed carbon-hetero bonds is the key to the function of biologically active molecules. For e.g. Nitrogen modification can have significant effects on drug action, thus making it the heteroatom of choice for structure activity relationships (SAR) studies of biologically active molecules.

The catalog of advanced heterocycles and important organic compounds initiative was introduced in 2011. The objective is to provide new building blocks that are not readily available, including those known in the literature. These building blocks are expected to address some of the problems incurred in drug discovery. The problems include protein-binding, stability, enhance solubility in physiological media, and/or modified P450 metabolic processes. V-PHARMA hopes to fill this niche using a concise progression of core structures, containing at least two functional groups.

 VII. Catalogue of Compounds

“Designing highly demanding small molecules are among the top priorities of V-PHARMA’s business”

The design of novel building blocks, templates, chemo types, scaffolds, privileged structures or small fragments for Small Fragment Based Drug Discovery is critical to developing diversity and originality in the modern drug discovery enterprise. These structures are linchpin points that can be used by chemists as a basis for the construction of more complex molecular structures with the right pharmacophores. With in-house expertise and new methodologies, V-PHARMA has built a catalog of  several thousand structures for drug discovery or screening purposes. The V-PHARMA's design of catalog of compounds is directed primarily by scientific (pharmaceutical and chemistry) and buisness considerations. These molecules can be ordered directly from stock (or order as a request) from several milligrams to a couple of hundred grams, to support pharmaceutical and related research.

The compounds are routinely supplied in research quantities from stock or made with a short lead time. The strategic partner’s facility allows us to offer many of these intermediates in 1kg to multi kilogram quantities with lead times to be defined, depending on complexity. This allows V-PHARMA to maintain links with clients throughout the development of new chemical entity/drug candidates and to avoid supply interruptions during the project progression. In addition to its in-house chemical developments, and to help support customers' needs, V-PHARMA has undertaken strategic collaborations to strengthen and support the growth of the catalog.
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