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Vijaya Pharmaceuticals, LLC (V-PHARMA) is a dynamic, cutting edge drug discovery company that provides a wide range of medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry services. Located in the renowned Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, USA. V-PHARMA is dedicated to serve the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded in 2009, V-PHARMA’s R&D laboratory is equipped with and has access to a full range of modern analytical equipment in order to generate highly reliable data on the compounds that the company delivers to its clients. The company also maintains excellent data integrity and follows the highest possible standards.

As a research-driven and client-focused company, V-PHARMA specializes in designing and synthesizing novel and drug-like scaffolds, libraries, and building blocks. It is capable of performing an extensive range of challenging organic synthesis projects with high quality and low costs. By providing a broad and integrated portfolio of chemistry services, the company management believes it is capable of assisting its drug discovery and development partners in shortening the product cycle and lowering the cost.

What makes V-PHARMA different is our:
  • Approach to significantly impact synthetic and medicinal chemistry-based projects both intellectually and technologically.
  • In-depth knowledge of complex organic synthesis including asymmetric synthesis and carbohydrate synthesis.
  • Risk-sharing partnership method to discover new medications.
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